Photoshoot in Giethoorn

private tour Giethoorn photoshoot

Private Tour Giethoorn & Photoshoot

“Venice of the Netherlands”

Private tour Giethoorn is inclusive photography.
Giethoorn is a picturesque village known for its charming canals, traditional thatched-roof houses, and tranquil atmosphere. It has earned the nickname “Venice of the Netherlands” due to its network of canals and bridges that run through the village. A good reason to hire a professional photographer.

Private Tour The Netherlands

As a photographer we will be your guide for great views & photos!

You can hire us for 1 hour or the whole day. We can meet at any location or we can pick you up at your hotel.

private photo tour Zaanse Schans

Photo Session Giethoorn

Spontaneous & artistic pictures among the canals and houses of Giethoorn.

Giethoorn offers stunning natural beauty with its idyllic waterways, lush greenery, and beautiful gardens. The picturesque setting provides a unique and visually appealing backdrop for photography.

Authentic Dutch Architecture: The village is renowned for its traditional Dutch architecture, featuring quaint thatched-roof houses, wooden bridges, and charming cottages. These architectural elements add a sense of charm and character to the photographs.

In Giethoorn, the primary mode of transportation is by boat, as there are no roads or cars in most parts of the village. This distinctive feature adds a touch of novelty to the photoshoot, with the opportunity to incorporate boats and waterways into the composition.

Giethoorn’s scenic beauty, unique architecture and cultural charm make it a good location to capture beautiful moments in a distinctive setting.

private tour Giethoorn photoshoot

* Prices varies. Depends on time, locations, travel costs, number of persons.

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