Photoshoot in Keukenhof

private tour Keukenhof photoshoot

Private Tour Keukenhof & Photoshoot

Let us guide you in this beautiful garden

Private tour Keukenhof inclusive photography.
We can make beautiful pictures of you among the flowers.
We combine your visit at the Keukenhof with other places in te surrounding, like Tulip Barn, Leiden, Haarlem or Amsterdam.
Contact us for more information.

Private Tour The Netherlands

As a photographer we will be your guide for great views & photos!

You can hire us for 1 hour or the whole day. We can meet at any location or we can pick you up at your hotel.

private photo tour Zaanse Schans

Photo Session Keukenhof

Spontaneous & artistic pictures among the flowers in Keukenhof

Let us show you some of the nice areas of Amsterdam. We will be your guide for a couple of hours. But more of that: we will be your private photographer for some beautiful photos to take back home.

private tour Keukenhof photoshoot

World-Renowned Flower Garden

Numerous opportunities for a memorable photoshoot

Keukenhof is a world-renowned flower garden located in Lisse, Netherlands, often referred to as the “Garden of Europe.” Spanning approximately 79 acres, Keukenhof showcases around seven million flowers each year, with tulips being the main attraction.
The garden features meticulously arranged displays of tulips and various other spring flowers, creating a breathtaking tapestry of colors.
Visitors can explore winding paths, canals, and themed gardens while immersing themselves in the beauty and fragrances of the blooms. Keukenhof also offers pavilions with horticultural exhibits, flower arranging demonstrations, and events. 

private tour Keukenhof photoshoot

* Prices varies. Depends on time, locations, travel costs, number of persons.

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