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Private Tour Leiden & Photoshoot

Spontaneous photos

Private tour Leiden inclusive photography.
Leiden is a picturesque city with plenty of opportunities for a photoshoot. Leiden is known for its beautiful canals. There are several photogenic spots along them. We can capture you around the scenic streets, picturesque bridges and charming canal houses. Botanical garden the Hortus is also very nice for photos.

Private Tour The Netherlands

As a photographer we will be your guide for great views & photos!

You can hire us for 1 hour or the whole day. We can meet at any location or we can pick you up at your hotel.

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Photo Session Hortus Botanicus Leiden

Spontaneous & artistic pictures in a wonderful botanical garden

Let us show you some of the nice areas of Amsterdam. We will be your guide for a couple of hours. But more of that: we will be your private photographer for some beautiful photos to take back home.

photoshoot Leiden

Photoshoot Leiden Locations

Some popular spots in Leiden

The Burcht van Leiden. This old fortress offers panoramic views of the city, its canals, and the surrounding landscape. Climb to the top for a fantastic vantage point.

The historic Pieterskerk (St. Peter’s Church) is an impressive Gothic church with beautiful architecture. Capture its majestic exterior and explore the interior for stunning photo opportunities.

The scenic canal Rapenburg, lined with beautiful historic buildings and leafy trees, is one of the most picturesque spots in Leiden. Take a walk along Rapenburg with the charming canal views.

Leiden is home to a few windmills. Windmill De Valk is a picturesque landmark, good for capturing the traditional Dutch windmill scene.
Molen de Put is another charming windmill located near the historic center of Leiden.

Leiden’s botanical garden, Hortus Botanicus, is a paradise for nature and plant lovers. Photograph among the array of flowers, plants and greenhouses.

The city has also a vibrant street art scene, with colorful and creative murals adorning its walls. Explore the city’s streets to discover these urban artworks and capture their vibrant beauty.

The City Hall is a magnificent building with a Renaissance facade. Its grandeur and intricate details make it an ideal subject for photography.

photoshoot Leiden

* Prices varies. Depends on time, locations, travel costs, number of persons.

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