Photoshoot in The Tulip Barn

Photoshoot The Tulip Barn

Private Tour The Tulip Barn & Photoshoot

Fun at the Flower Farm

Private tour The Tulip Barn inclusive photography.
The Tulip Barn is located in the heart of the Dutch flower-growing region, and the surrounding area is known for its beautiful tulip fields and flower farms.
Here at The Tulip Barn, you can come really close to the tulips, which gives a nice experience & outstanding photos.
You can combine your visit with the nearby Keukenhof.

Private Tour The Netherlands

As a photographer we will be your guide for great views & photos!

You can hire us for 1 hour or the whole day. We can meet at any location or we can pick you up at your hotel.

private photo tour Zaanse Schans

Photo Session The Tulip Barn

Spontaneous & artistic photos among the flowers

The Tulip Barn has a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful views of the flower fields.
A nice background for good professional photos.

Opening Times The Tulip Barn

Check the opening months & times

The tulip season in The Netherlands is only a short time. The best time is mostly from around the second week of April until the first week of May. It may vary up to weather conditions. Every year the time of blooming is not excactly the same.
You may also check the website: The Tulip Barn.

Photoshoot The Tulip Barn

Great Location For A Photo Session

A intimate and rustic setting for beautiful photos

The Tulip Barn is a smaller venue compared to Keukenhof. It typically offers a more intimate setting, allowing for closer and more personal photography experiences. It may have a narrower variety of tulip species and colors compared to Keukenhof.
Keukenhof is one of the largest flower gardens in the world, covering an extensive area of approximately 79 acres (32 hectares). It features an enormous number of tulips, as well as other flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, and orchids. Keukenhof provides expansive landscapes and vast fields of colorful blooms, offering numerous photo opportunities.

As the name suggests, The Tulip Barn is often located in a barn or greenhouse. This setting can create a charming and rustic backdrop for photography. The atmosphere may be more relaxed and intimate, with a focus on the tulips themselves.

Depending on the specific location of The Tulip Barn you choose, accessibility may vary. Some tulip farms and barns may have limited public access or require prior reservations. As a result, they tend to attract fewer crowds, allowing for a more peaceful and exclusive photography experience.

The choice between The Tulip Barn and Keukenhof for a photoshoot depends on your preferences and the specific atmosphere and experience you desire. 

Photoshoot The Tulip Barn

* Prices varies. Depends on time, locations, travel costs, number of persons.

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